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Attorney Jesse Cohen to Host Upcoming Webinar About Common Subrogation Mistakes

Subrogation is a complex legal process that can stump even veteran attorneys. The interaction among acting subrogation attorneys, insurance companies, and third parties or clients is not one to be taken lightly, or attempted with just guesswork. In order to help more legal professionals get a solid grasp on subrogation, Attorney Jesse Cohen of Sacks Weston Diamond, LLC in Philadelphia will soon host a webinar titled Common Mistakes in Handling Personal Injury Subrogation: Identifying and Resolving Errors Prior to Settlement.

Attorney Cohen is the Director of the Subrogation Department at Sacks Weston Diamond, making him one of the leading legal minds in the practice of subrogation. He will be joined by Attorney Kevin P. O’Brien of Stampone Law and Attorney Gary L. Wickert of Matthiesen Wickert & Lehrer, who will each act as cohosts for this Strafford live webinar. The insight these legal professionals can provide will simply be unparalleled.

Important information regarding the upcoming subrogation webinar:

Complications That Can Arise in Subrogation

Are you wondering if you should join the Common Mistakes in Handling Personal Injury Subrogation: Identifying and Resolving Errors Prior to Settlement webinar? If you have any doubts about your skills to manage a subrogation case pertaining to a personal injury claim, then you definitely do not want to miss it. After all, there are many ways things can go sideways or wrong when subrogation cases are mismanaged.

Insurance companies can take major losses due to subrogation mismanagement, which will also lessen the likelihood of the parties offering or reaching a settlement. For defense attorneys, mishandled subrogation can mean huge mistakes go unseen until the last minute, when it might be too late to take appropriate steps to correct it. For plaintiff attorneys, not being able to anticipate subrogation puts you and your client at a disadvantage that could minimize compensation or collections.

Some cornerstone topics to be discussed in the webinar include:

  • Commonly seen subrogation errors
  • How subrogation mistakes harm a defendant’s case
  • How subrogation issues hurt a plaintiff’s case
  • Best practices for personal injury lawyers to spot subrogation mistakes

Due to the complexities inherent to subrogation, there will certainly be plenty of questions on everyone’s minds when the webinar ends. Attorney Cohen and his cohosts have schedule a live question-and-answer session afterwards. Be sure to chime in with your most pressing questions so you can get insight from these legal leaders.

Would you like to know more about Attorney Jesse Cohen? Do you need the help of Sacks Weston Diamond, LLC for a subrogation case? New and inquiring clients are encouraged to call 215.764.3008 at any time to speak with a member of our team during a free consultation.