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Attorney Jesse Cohen Speaking at NASP Webinar on October 26th

Attorney Jesse Cohen, of Sacks Weston Diamond LLC, is speaking with a panel at a webinar on October 26th at 1pm, regarding lawsuits against Amazon. Hosted by the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, the webinar is titled “The Amazon Conundrum--A Town Hall Webinar to Discuss Ways to Subrogate against as a Products Distributor.” The concept is focused on suits against Amazon regarding defective products.

When a foreign-manufactured, defective product is purchased on Amazon, it can be incredibly difficult to identify the person responsible for the sale. Even once the seller is identified, they may not be subject to jurisdiction in the United States. Therefore, Amazon, as the seller, should be liable. Unfortunately, Amazon has established legal defenses which prevent it from being held liable for these practices. The webinar will explore legal arguments being used to address these issues.

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