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Sacks Weston Diamond LLC Provides Legal Counsel for Percy Street BBQ Insurer

Percy Street BBQ on the corner of Percy Street – hence the name – and South Street in Philadelphia is looking for a way to reopen its doors after closing them more than three weeks ago as a result of severe flooding from the buildings plumbing systems. The insurer for Percy Street BBQ, a longtime firm client, is working with Philadelphia Property Subrogation Attorney Jesse Cohen of Sacks Weston Diamond LLC to investigate and resolve the issue.

Insurance company representatives and plumbing experts are currently looking into the cause and extent of the water damage. Possible preexisting problems with the plumbing systems throughout the building could prove to be a point of legal contention. Jesse Cohen and the subrogation team at Sacks Westin Diamond, LLC are working diligently to uncover the precise cause of the flooding, and to mitigate the damages being incurred by Percy Street BBQ.

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