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Scott Diamond Discusses Consumer Dash Cams with 6abc Action News

Attorney Scott Diamond spoke with 6abc Action News recently for their story, “Special Report: Getting Your Own Dash Camera.” The piece focused on the question of whether drivers should install a dash cam in their vehicles, similar to the devices which have been used in police cars for several years. Some of the reasons offered include:

Recording the license plate number of drunk or dangerous drivers, for the sake of reporting to law enforcement

Fighting traffic tickets with video footage that proves, for example, that the driver did not run a red light or make an illegal turn

Document damage to the parked and unattended vehicle when others aren’t available to serve as witnesses

For these and similar reasons, a dash cam video recorder could potentially save drivers money, resolve legal trouble and help to make the roads safer. As to the question of whether the devices are legal in Pennsylvania, the story reports that they generally are provided that the monitor is not visible to the driver.