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Pennsylvania Medical Society Comments on Cannabis Research

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has decided to relax government regulations and requirements on cannabis-related research, which should permit more groups to conduct even more studies and experiments on the controversial medicinal substance. In light of the DEA’s decision, the President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), Scott Shapiro, has voiced his professional opinions and reached out to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to encourage it to support more research into cannabis and marijuana treatments. Additionally, he has stated that marijuana should be considered a Schedule II drug, at max, and not a Schedule I drug.

PAMED hopes the DEA announcement will slow down legislation enough to allow researchers to actually study and understand cannabis. Currently, with how fast bills move and how much bias is against marijuana usage, legislation is shot down almost as quickly as it is created.

Although PAMED and Shapiro are confident that cannabis has its medical uses, they believe further FDA research can only be beneficial for the cause. Not only could more research shed light on even more uses for cannabis, it could also make the evidence of its benefits so clear, no one would vote against its legalization.

Still an Unpopular Opinion

Less than half of the country – 23 states, to be precise – have legalized marijuana treatments for certain medical conditions. In those states, an incredibly small percentage of physicians are daring to prescribe it, or even take the steps necessary to receive certification to prescribe it. Why? It seems they are afraid of ridicule from other medical professionals. They also want to see more research on cannabis, something the FDA motion should clear up.

You can read President Shapiro’s full article here, published by York Daily Record. For additional insight into the controversy in Pennsylvania, you can learn more about Sacks Weston Diamond LLC’s own work with the American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) here.