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Hemp FAQ

Medical marijuana is on the cusp of legalization in Pennsylvania, as well as in other states reviewing their ban on similar substances. If hemp is to be next on the list of decriminalized drugs in America, it is first important for people to know more about its history and its uses. Read this list of frequently asked questions about hemp for more information.

  1. Can smoking hemp get you high?
    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance in marijuana and cannabis that produces euphoric or psychotropic effects. Hemp has a THC content level so minimal that it is impossible to smoke it to get high.
  2. Will eating hemp seeds get you high?
    A common misconception is that eating hemp seeds introduces more THC into your system. This is false; there is no reason to believe that eating hemp will produce marijuana-like side-effects.
  3. Does hemp have a high cannabidiol (CBD) content?
    CBD is believed to be able to treat multiple medical conditions, including tremors, mental disorders and stress, and possibly staving off cancer cell growth. Hemp is naturally high in CBD, as is its counterpart, marijuana.
  4. Why is hemp outlawed?
    The Nixon administration attempted to use blanket legislation to ban any substance they did not understand and which might have been used to create drug-like effects. As hemp is closely related to marijuana, it was affected by this harsh regulation before it could be properly researched.
  5. Is hemp illegal everywhere?
    No; in fact, hemp is regularly cultivated in countries all around the world. Useful end products of hemp are frequently imported to the States, where they are often procured through illegal internet sales.
  6. What other uses for hemp are there?
    It is estimated that there are close to 20,000 uses for hemp and hemp byproducts. Some of the more popular uses are creating medicinal tinctures, manufacturing durable material and fabrics, and providing a stable food source for livestock.
  7. Can hemp be used as fuel?
    You might have heard about hemp being used as a renewable and clean fuel source. By either using the hempseed as pressed biodiesel or using the stalks to create ethanol, hemp is showing genuine potential to become a fossil fuel alternative.
  8. Will hemp be heavily regulated if decriminalized?
    Proponents of the decriminalization of hemp are pushing for more relaxed regulations than cannabis will face due to the fact that hemp has only trace amounts of THC.

Who Can Help Me with My Hemp Law Case?

Even as medical marijuana laws are reviewed all across the country, the legislation surrounding hemp is still clouded with complications and red tape. If are growing, producing, dispensing, or otherwise involved in the use of medical cannabis or hemp, you can count on the hemp attorneys from Sacks Weston Diamond LLC to defend your rights, and the rights of people just like you all across the country. We are proud to be members of the American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), and we stand by their side in their effort to produce legislation that provides access to medical hemp and marijuana. Call 215.764.3008 today for more information.