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Fires & Explosions

At Sacks Weston Diamond LLC, we routinely investigates and litigates claims involving damage caused by fires and explosions, including spread claims, natural gas explosions, arson fires, combustible products, spontaneous ignition, sprinkler system failures or malfunctions, life safety system failures, mechanical failures, smoke and soot damage, exposure claims, and all fire related matters.

Structural Collapse

Our Philadelphia subrogation lawyers routinely handle matters involving the collapse of all or part of a structure, including roof collapses, shelving systems, collapse due to the weight of snow, ice or water, collapse due to wind, construction defects, property damage during construction operations, damage caused by impact from foreign objects or falling debris, and all other claims involving partial or total collapse of a structure.

Storm Damage and Water Intrusion

Our firm handles matters involving property damage resulting from severe weather. Just because storm damage is caused by adverse weather conditions does not prevent recovery. Severe weather is often predicted well in advance and steps can be taken to protect property from damage. Those who fail to protect the property of others from damage may be liable. Similarly, claims involving water intrusion can often be prevented, especially those which occur during the course of construction or repairs to the property, or when the property is left unused for a lengthy period of time.

Other Claims

We are willing to take on any subrogation challenge, even on the most difficult or abstract claims, such as those involving employee theft, unlawful conduct,government action, etc. Our subrogation attorneys are always available to consult with you, free of charge, and discuss even the most difficult or abstract subrogation claims.

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