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Limited Tort Cases in Philadelphia

Limited tort restricts victims of automobile accidents from seeking compensation for pain and suffering. Insurance companies and government entities have gone to great lengths to draft specific laws regarding automobile injuries, intending to make it more difficult for automobile injury victims to receive compensation for non-economic injuries, unless in certain exceptions. If your injury is deemed "serious" enough under the law, such as in accidents resulting in death and serious impairment or disfigurement, then you may be eligible for full tort compensation. Convincing the court that your injuries are severe and life-altering is possible with the help of an attorney.

Other exceptions that allow for full tort coverage:

  • If the at-fault driver was driving under the influence
  • If the driver had intentions to injure another person
  • If the driver does not have valid automobile insurance
  • If the other driver's vehicle is an out-of-state vehicle

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Our Complex Litigation Attorney Can Help Review Your Case

Though your health and automobile insurance companies do offer you protection in many cases, occasionally you might find it difficult when attempting to reach a settlement. Customers often get caught in loopholes and exceptions to their policies, and it is nearly impossible for you to fight for justice on your own. Our complex litigation attorneys can review your specific claim and help you navigate the complicated legalese that insurance companies tend to hide behind.

Our legal team at Sacks Weston Diamond LLC is dedicated to helping you understand your options when it comes to seeking compensation for automobile injuries, through:

  • Explaining your insurance options to you while we examine your policy
  • Counseling you as to your chances of success should you pursue a limited tort claim,
  • Thoroughly investigating and preparing a case for trial
  • Demonstrating to the jury how your injury has affected your quality of life

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