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Upon discovering that another party has violated your trademark or copyright, you may first send them a cease and desist letter. Ideally, the individual will immediately stop using your intellectual property, thus simply solving the problem. However, in certain circumstances, you may have to pursue legal action in order to ensure that your intellectual property is not used without your permission. At Sacks Weston Diamond LLC, our trademark litigation lawyers are veterans in the courtroom who can litigate any intellectual property case. In addition to litigation, we also provide guidance for individuals seeking information about trademarks and copyright procurement.

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Complex Litigation Attorney for Copyrights and Patents

Patent and trademark laws provide individuals with legal protections to prevent others from reusing, imitating or duplicating their products and ideas without permission. Trademarks also allow individuals to register their brand names, logos, as well as slogans. For books, pictures, photographs, programs, and other similar tangible items, copyrights protect the tangible expression of your intellectual property. The process for obtaining these property protections is relatively straightforward; however, each type of protection comes with it a set of requirements that are easier to navigate under the guidance of an experienced group of attorneys.

Patents are granted provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Invention is unique
  • Invention is brand new
  • Application is submitted within the required time frame
  • Invention is useful

Trademark applications require extensive research, in order to determine whether your proposed mark infringes on any already existing marks. In order to obtain a trademark certificate, you must intend to use the mark for business purposes. We often recommend obtaining federal registration for your trademarks, as it provides legal support for your marks, and enables you to use your trademark nationally. Consult with us though your application process to ensure that you have well-drafted application that follows the appropriate procedures, and meets all appropriate deadlines.

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