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When multiple people have the same claim against a person or corporation, they may be able to file a class action lawsuit. Such lawsuits are notoriously complex and can prove unfruitful without the right legal team propelling them forward. This is not the case at our firm. At Sacks Weston Diamond LLC, we have made a name for ourselves as some of the most successful class action lawyers in the country.

We have over 100 years of experience handling complex litigation matters and are capable of defending our clients at the state level all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. With billions of dollars secured for those we represent, there is nothing our legal team can’t handle.

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Making Legal History One Case at a Time

Our verdicts and settlements speak volumes about the exceptional representation we offer. We’ve achieved case results that few other law firms can boast and continually raise the bar when it comes to class action lawsuits. It is no wonder that our firm is trusted by individuals throughout the country.

We are proud to say that the following is just a sampling of our class action successes:

  • $336 million for U.S. MasterCard and Visa cardholders
  • $200 million for settlement of claims in “In re Volkswagen and Audi Warranty Extension Litigation”
  • $80 million in “Thomas & Thomas Rod Makers et al. v. Hexcel Corp. et al.”
  • $25 million in “Salvucci v. Volkswagen”
  • $15 million in “Lewin v. Volkswagen”

When combined, our attorneys produce a formidable aura in the face of seemingly powerful corporations and entities. Andrew Sacks is one of the only U.S. attorneys to win multiple billion-dollar cases. We believe that our clients’ cases matter and refuse to settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Your Fight for Justice Begins & Ends at Our Firm

Whether you were injured as a result of medical malpractice or financially ruined by a government entity, you can trust Sacks Weston Diamond LLC to work tirelessly to right your wrongs. We move tactically and compile strong cases built on unquestionable evidence.

Don’t let another day pass without taking a stand for justice. Our class action attorneys can be trusted with the details of your case and will preserve your best interests until we have resolved your legal matter.

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