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In order to prevent businesses and corporations from gaining a monopoly in any field, antitrust laws have been established with the aim of promoting a fair business climate that benefits consumers. At Sacks Weston Diamond LLC, our complex litigation attorneys prioritize the preservation of the market, representing your right to fair competition in all antitrust litigation proceedings.

Business activities that are often examined within an antitrust case include:

  • Vertical price fixing
  • Horizontal price fixing
  • Price discrimination
  • Exclusive dealing
  • Conspiring to monopolize
  • Collusive bidding
  • Tying arrangements
  • Group boycotts
  • Below-cost pricing

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Understanding How Antitrust Acts Work

Antitrust laws are in place to protect businesses against unfair competitive advantages in the market. For example, the Sherman Act outlaws all unreasonable acts of trade which lead to business monopolies, unfair advantages, partnerships, price fixing, and more. After the Sherman Act was passed, several more laws have been put in place to further regulate business practices.

The Federal Trade Commission Act operates as a kind of umbrella over the Sherman Act, targeting all unfair practices that discourage fair competition. Knowing which laws apply to your case is the first step in understanding your options if you feel that your business is being harmed by an unfair advantage in the competition. We are proud to represent consumers and businesses in fighting against monopolies and unfair business practices.

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As your attorney, we aim to preserve the integrity of our business market through our aggressive enforcement of antitrust laws. We help our clients level the playing field with our unparalleled award-winning advocacy, recognized by Martindale-Hubbell® and Super Lawyers®. Our firm also includes a Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate who brings his unique expertise to every case. Help keep the market free by fighting arrangements that limit free market economics and consumer choice.

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