Senator Daylin Leach

Co-Author of the Medical Marijuana Act

Senator Daylin LeachSen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) was born in Philadelphia in 1961. He attended Temple University, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science, and earned a Law Degree from the University of Houston Law Center in 1983. After law school, Daylin moved back to Southeastern Pennsylvania where he practiced law for 17 years focusing on general litigation. He focused on constitutional, Criminal, Corporate and appellate litigation. Daylin argued numerous cases before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and other state and federal appellate courts. Daylin also taught constitutional law, legal ethics, and First Amendment law as an adjunct professor at Cedar Crest and Muhlenberg Colleges.

Daylin had an early interest in public service, volunteering on his first campaign when he was 12. He later served as President of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats, as a member on the Allentown Zoning Board and co-hosted a weekly political debate show. He also ran for Lehigh County Commissioner at the age of 27, winning the primary in an upset and losing the general election by less than 1% of the vote. He managed numerous campaigns and served as a speech-writer and debate coach for many candidates.

In 1998, Daylin moved to Montgomery County. First elected to the General Assembly in the fall of 2002, Daylin has focused on civil rights, environmental protection, education, health care and political reform. Notable accomplishments include his measures signed into law that introduce hybrid cars into the state fleet and provide, for the first time, state funds for breast and ovarian cancer screening for low-income women.

He also passed legislation banning the shackling of pregnant female prisoners, creating a new corporate entity known as a B-Corp which gives corporations more flexibility in engaging in public service. He also authored legislation which made Pennsylvania one of the leading states in the nation in fighting human trafficking. In 2016 his medical marijuana bill passed the House and the Senate and at this point, awaits final action.

He also championed legislative redistricting reform to end the practice of gerrymandering and introduced legislation requiring that hospitals offer emergency contraception to the victims of sexual assault.

After his election into the Pennsylvania State Senate in 2008, Daylin was honored to be named Minority Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also serves as a member on the State Government, Policy, Education, Environmental Resources & Energy and Appropriations. Daylin has also continued to pursue advanced academic training on government and legislative matters, winning a Flemming Fellowship and a full scholarship to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for legislative studies.

Daylin has quickly become known as the leading progressive voice in the Pennsylvania legislature. He has championed countless important causes including marriage equality, repealing the Voter ID law, environmental stewardship, and redistricting reform and campaign finance reform. In recent years he has been proud to receive legislative achievement awards from Environmental, Educational, Animal Rights and Human Rights Organizations.

Locally, Daylin serves on a number of Boards of Directors in his community. He is married to Jennifer Anne Mirak, a psychologist, with whom he has two children, Brennan and Justin.

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